Triangle  Arts Trust

Triangle Arts Trust

London ~ United Kingdom

The Triangle Arts Trust (TAT) is a network that encourages excellence in the visual arts. By promoting an exchange of practice and ideas, it provides stimuli and opportunities for artists to realise their potential. The Trust’s activities lie outside of the institutional frameworks of colleges, museums and galleries, and are focused on providing space where the creative process can develop through experimentation and exchange. TAT helps to support local culture and infrastructure. This process, realised through workshops, studio residencies, exhibitions, regional meetings and international meetings and website projects encourages communication through practice. The Triangle Network now has workshops on a continuing basis in over 20 countries and there are 9 associated studio buildings offering international residencies, exhibitions, education programmes and off-site events. The network is constantly expanding to enlarge the base of nearly 3,000 artists who have participated in workshops, residencies and exhibitions since 1982. Local coordinators and participating artists organise workshops in Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. Regional centres of the network are established with associated studio buildings. These centres help to initiate and coordinate the activities of the network. However, each workshop and studio building is independent and set up to respond to local needs. The Network is held together by shared ideas of exchange and practice. Relationships formed by working together during workshops and residencies can last a lifetime. These experiences have often made an invaluable contribution to young artists’ careers. Period
Triangle Arts Trust, Network Partner from 14 November 2002 to 14 November 2005 received 141.000 Euros for three years.