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In memoriam HRH Prince Claus

11.12.2002 In memoriam HRH Prince Claus

Today, for the sixth time the Prince Claus Awards will be presented. There is a profound difference compared to the previous five occasions. It is not only a difference of location.That is just a coincidence. The difference is, of course, that Prince Claus to whom the Fund owes its existence, is no longer with us since he passed away on the 6th of October this year.

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Creating Spaces of Freedom: Culture in Defiance

1.7.2002 Creating Spaces of Freedom: Culture in Defiance

Creating Spaces of Freedom examines three alternative spaces of freedom: exile, margins and mass attention – in other words, giving ground, going underground and taking up the challenge in the public arena. Both written and visual essays illustrate these distinct spaces. By appearing independently of each other, text and images should be read separately.   

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Against the Wind: Politics of Iranian Cinema

1.7.2002 Against the Wind: Politics of Iranian Cinema

Against the Wind: Politics of Iranian Cinema charts the rise of contemporary Iran through the movies. Covering the Qajar period through to the Pahlavi regime and the Khatami presidency, it is a chronological examination of Iranian cinema in respect to the political, economic and social changes that have taken place in the country from 1900 to 2000. 

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Mirando al Futuro (Looking to the Future)

1.7.2002 Mirando al Futuro (Looking to the Future)

Mirando al Futuro is a summary of an event held in La Paz, Bolivia, in the year 2000, in order to generate urban strategies for the city of La Paz, involving students and professors from universities in Bolivia and professor from the Berlage Institute in The Netherlands. The text, drawings and photographs, together with the reports from guest professors, provide an overview of the dynamics of the seminars. 

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Speech HRH Prince Claus at the 2001 Awards Ceremony

11.12.2001 Speech HRH Prince Claus at the 2001 Awards Ceremony

It gives me the gratest pleasure to be here with you today to present the Prince Claus Awards. This year, the jury cast its nets in the Caribbean, a region they had no explored before. They were fascinated by the way Carnival – originally a European tradition – was celebrated in that part of the world where music and dance are an integral part of human life, and indeed, culture.

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